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Exceptional Products

In order to understand  soup’s uniqueness  that I make, I’ll have to slightly open the curtain. As I wrote earlier, it is not only beautiful and handmade, but also has many useful things.

So... Today I will talk a little about the ingredients of my soap. All the soap you see with Elen’s Glen Creation signature SLS-Free . What does it mean? Translated SLS as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. synthesized from petroleum products. Cheap and practical. This is a very tough detergent, and also a strong allergen. It may dry and irritate the skin. A widespread increase in skin sensitivity, an increase in allergic reactions can be triggered by the use of SLS. 
It can also cause toxicity of the reproductive organs, but this has not  been proven yet. Often this component is  used for a large amount of foam. It is used in toothpastes, in soap, in dishwashing detergent, in cheap hotel room soap dishes, and so on. It washes well  and of course foams. 

So ...  Elen Glen’s soup does not exist from this ingredient. In order for the soap’s foam , I use Castor oil, which has no smell and color. In order to moisturize the skin of my hands, I use Coconut oil. And for regeneration - Sesame Oil ...

Feel free to ask, I am always glad to meet new friends and offers.

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